Cash Crops, Print Technology, and the Politicization of Ethnicity in Africa

With Philip Roessler and Valeria Rueda. 2022. American Political Science Review. 116(1):181–199.

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Globalization, Institutions and Ethnic Inequality

With Nils-Christian Bormann, Lars-Erik Cederman, and Nils Weidmann. 2021. International Organization 75(3):665–697.

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Who Benefits? How Local Ethnic Demography Shapes Political Favoritism in Africa

With Janina Beiser-McGrath and Carl Müller-Crepon. 2020. British Journal of Political Science 41(4):1582–1600.

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Linking Ethnic Data from Africa

With Carl Müller-Crepon and Nils-Christian Bormann. Journal of Peace Research. Online First.

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Digging Deeper: On the Role of Grievances in African Mining Conflicts

With Lars-Erik Cederman.

In "Natural Resources, Inequality and Conflict”,

eds. Hamid E. Ali and Lars-Erik Cederman

London: Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming

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Working Papers

Cash Crops, Colonialism and Legacies of Spatial Inequality: Evidence from Africa

With Philip Roessler, Robert Marty, Kyle Sorlie Titlow, and Nicolas van de Walle. R&R at World Development.

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The Future is History: Restorative Nationalism and Conflict in Post-Napoleonic Europe.

With Lars-Erik Cederman, Luc Girardin, and Carl Müller-Crepon. Working Paper.

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The Economic Basis of African Ruling Coalitions: Cash Crops, Minerals, and Ethnic Representation

With Philip Roessler. Working Paper.

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Share It or Lose it? Power-Sharing and Regime Stability in Multi-Ethnic Autocracies

With Ilyas Saliba. Working Paper.

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Work in Progress

Biased Income Shocks, Local Cleavages, and Ethnic Violence: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Coming Soon.


The Train Wrecks of Modernization: Railways, Nationalism and Conflict in Long Nineteenth Century Europe

With Carl Müller-Crepon, Roberto Valli, Lars-Erik Cederman and Luc Griardin. In Preparation.


Naming the Nation: State Building and National Identity Formation in 19th Century Germany

With Carl Müller-Crepon. In Preparation.


Policy Papers

Global Conflict Trends and their Consequences

With Lars-Erik Cederman

Background Paper to the United Nations Sustainable Development Outlook 2019

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